Mossley Hill Ladies FC

As we finalise our plans for 2019-20 season the desire to improve on last year burns more and more. The second half of the season saw us beginning to gel as a squad and we put in some great performances.

We press on and are looking to continue our progress as some solid foundations were set last season. Every new season has an anticipation about it and we look forward to seeing how the players respond to the pre-season fitness sessions. This season we are looking to build on our speed, strength and sharpness. We have ‘XBody’ sessions lined up and some tough sprinting work as we push to further improve in all areas.

The open sessions are booked and all our friendlies are booked starting on the 28th July.

The staff this season consists of Lisa Corkill, Chloe Moxley and myself (Derek Booth) but we are looking to for two more personnel to get on board with us.

A ‘physio / sports therapist’ and a Goal Keeper coach would be great to have on our staff. If you are interested in either of these voluntary roles please get in touch.

Despite a healthy and decent squad we are always looking to improve, if you are looking to improve and want to be part of what we are building here at Mossley please get in touch.

Bring it on…

Derek Booth