Mossley Hill Ladies FC

Pre-Season Friendlies Begin

After almost a month of pre-season training we have begun playing our friendlies. With a new squad it is important to gel and for the coaching staff to learn about the players, playing friendlies gives players and coaches an ideal opportunity to see how things are progressing.

Chester FC V Mossley Hill

Chester Unit Instructions

As with all friendlies and in particular the early matches the score is irrelevant as player fitness and application of the principles being set down are more important.

Keeper and Striker

After a good game today away against Chester FC we had a good win and played well, many players can be very pleased with their individual contributions and the team performed extremely well with regards to structure and shape.

Chester FC Warm Up

Next week we have a day out in the arcades and some fish and chips at Rhyl, roll on the start of the season and the opening rounds of the FA Cup on the 2nd September.